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Press-release of the exhibition TOP LINE 2012

December 13-15, 2012
Crocus Expo IEC, Hall 13, Pavilion 3

TOP LINE, an unforgettable show which became an integral part of preparation for celebration of the New Year and Christmas, will be held December 13 through 15 in Crocus Expo IEC.

The third year running French charm, Russian love to luxury and European style merge in this magnificent festival of luxury services and goods.

Full variety of luxury industry will be presented to the attention of visitors: diamonds of unprecedented sizes, first rank yachts and cars, refined products from fur, elite wines and cigars, the latest collections of exclusive watch brands, antiques, paintings, furniture and interior decoration, unique offers on elite real estate and individual bank and insurance services. More than 80 leaders of global luxury segment from Russia, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Turkey and France will participate in the trade fair.

Connoisseurs of legendary French chanson will have an opportunity to enjoy Pop Jazz and Elen Rassa performance December 13 (at 06:00 p.m.) and December 14 (at 04:00 p.m.) Elen Rassa is famous for her velvet and light alto who is often called "Louis Armstrong in a skirt" and "a white woman singing like blacks". In Elen’s repertoire: French chanson, retro of the 20th - 40th years, ancient, modern and Gipsy romances American jazz and songs from movies. The singer is also the author of many songs.

Crocus Expo IEC and PROfashion media agency joint efforts in holding the annual Moda Topical magazine award Chic! Splendour! Beauty! within the frames of TOP LINE 2012 exhibition.

The Awarding Ceremony of the Chic! Splendour! Beauty! award will be held December 13. Bright show business stars will become the nominees of the ceremony. Gala concert with participation of popular show ballet dancers and variety performers will be held within the frames of the ceremony.

It is the fourth edition of the award and every year it attracts the increasing attention among Russian media persons, representatives of mass media and famous commercial brands. The name of the award has been chosen purposefully: the organizers used words from lexicon of Ellochka Lyudoyedka, the heroine of the comic novel by Ilf and Petrov Twelve Chairs which sense of existence consisted in dresses and high life. This comic name is urged to soften boundless love of the Russian beau monde to all bright and brilliant; after all there is nothing better than healthy self-irony and an adequate self-assessment.
Chic! Shine! Beauty! prizes are awarded not for special professional achievements but for original and non-standard manifestations in behavior or appearance. This year celebrities will be awarded in the following nominees: The Passionate Woman Dream of a Poet, Children Won't Forget You, Don't Tell me What to Do!, The Person Worn out by Narzan and etc.

Samir Kuliev (showman and GJ), and Elena Kuletskaya (fashion model and TV presenter), are invited to present the ceremony.

An hours-long zero-risk auction 12 Chairs will be held on the central podium after the Gala Opening Ceremony of the exposition TOP LINE December 13. Valuable presents will be hidden in each of pieces of furniture: tourist vouchers, jewelry, club cards to SPA centers and beauty salons, real property certificate, a collection Rolls-Royce car model and many other things. Everyone can be lucky! All funds raised within 12 Chairs auction will be donated to Oksana Fedorova's children's charity foundation Hurry to Create Wonders!

Arcady Zlotnikov, Deputy Director General ZAO CROUS INTERNATIONAL, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov, Oksana Fedorova, Vlad Sokolovsky, Loya, Alexander Strizhenov, Mikhail Turetsky, Satie Casanova, Nonna Grishayeva, Victoria Dayneko and many others will take part in the awarding ceremony Chic! Splendour! Beauty!

Fashion show of fur articles from Marina Sultashova, a genuine show for fur connoisseurs, will be also held within the frames of the calendar of events.

The VIII Awarding ceremony for the best brands in beauty&health segment (fitness centres, beauty salons, SPA salons and plastic surgery clinics) Grace and a concert will be held on the second day of the trade fair December 14.

The award of the same name founded in 2005, is today one of the most prestigious awards in beauty&health sphere. It is a grandiose and large-scale event, and the cherished statuette awarded to the winners became a symbol of universal recognition of the statuette holders.

Grace award, being not only a professional, but also a high life event, every year attracts a great number of star participants and the audience. One can see eminent doctors making elite of esthetic medicine, and representatives of show business and film industry, eminent persons of policy, culture and art, well-known athletes, known writers and journalists among the guests of the ceremony. Prestigious competition gets wide press coverage at specialized and public mass media.

A tour at the exposition of TOP LINE 2012, gala reception, charitable lottery and performance of young musicians and show stars are included into the ceremony program.

Zanora, RADIO station presenter, and Alexander Zlatopolsky (actor of drama theater and cinema), will present the ceremony.

Svetlana Svetikova, Reflex, NA-NA group, D-bosh, DEMO, Love Stories, PLAZMA, 23:45, VasilievGroove drummers, ElectroLightShow from Anastasia Obertayeva, and other stars will participate in the awarding ceremony.

Equestrian colourful performance of various horse breeds will be held daily at the TOP LINE 2012 exhibition. Colourful performance of the biggest and the most tiny horses in the world – two-meter giants shires and graceful AMNA, and also magnificent friesians and mysterious tinkers will be held on manage. Show organizers: KSK Verona – the largest horse breeding and riding centre in Russia which is engaged in breeding of Welsh ponies, appaloosa and miniature appaloosa horses, PF Kartsevo – a breeding stud farm, specializing on breeding of Golshtinsky, Hanoverian, Dutch Royal Warmblood (KWPN) and friesian breeds and ChH Morev Grad.

The spectators of the grandiose Parisian enchanting the LIDO cabaret show hosted by Crocus City Hall will be able to prolong pleasure from the festival of French chic and beauty, having become welcome guests of the TOP LINE 2012 exhibition! Charm of the well-known dancers will organically merge with the festive and bright atmosphere of TOP LINE 2012. Ticket holders to the LIDO show are entitled to visit exposition free of charge!

The Gala Opening Ceremony of the 3rd International exhibition of exclusive goods and services TOP LINE will start December 13 at 02:00 p.m. (Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 3, Hall 13).

Press Service Crocus Expo IEC


Latest news from Crocus-Expo

POST RELEASE 8th International specialized exhibition


The 8th International specialized exhibition Furniture Club was held October 10-13, 2012 in Crocus Expo IEC. The project provides the perfect platform from which to preview evaluate market trends, new products, and establish long-lasting and commercially profitable partnerships.

The organizer of the trade fair was traditionally Crocus Expo IEC and the event was supported by the Association of Furniture and Wood Processing Enterprises of Russia.

This year the exposition of 7000 sq m gathered together the leading representatives of the furniture industry from Russia and countries worldwide (Malaysia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the USA, Syria, Turkey, China, Egypt and Switzerland).

The International DealerClub became the main innovation of the project in 2012. The DealerClub is targeted at integration of furniture business of Russia and Europe. The program is equally interesting both for Russian and foreign producers willing to assist their dealers in various Russian regions in production distribution. The exhibitors got an opportunity for professional networking and direct establishment of mutually profitable commercial partnerships. The Club was attended by 129 specialists.

The delegation of ten furniture producers from Germany were special guests of the DealerClub which expressed their intention to participate in the next editions of Furniture Club with a corporate stand of the leading German companies and in further cooperation with the DealerClub.

Furniture Club 2012 included a number of special design projects: Authors’ Interiors Gallery and Ideas Fair which presented furniture designs created by talented students of Furniture Design department of the Stroganov Moscow State University of Art and Industry.

More than thousand visitors attended the furniture department stand in the course of four days – mass media representatives, foreign colleagues from Italian exposition I Saloni WorldWide Moscow and large furniture manufacturers.

The exposition of student's works was of great interest both for numerous visitors of the exhibition and experts. Live reaction of people for whom at the end of the day work students and professors of the Academy defined further tendencies of the department.

Furniture producers from Germany and Italy highly appreciated the level of national education in the field of furniture design. Some of student's projects presented at Stroganov Moscow State University of Art and Industry stand in the form of prototypes aroused interest in producers of furniture who expressed their intention to hold negotiations on commercial production.

Association of Russian Artists of Aerography held finals of the contest Master of Aerography 2012 and demonstration performances of the best artists of aerography from Lipetsk, Kislovodsk, Tolyatti, Moscow, Rybinsk and Dzerzhinsk were held within the frames of the contest. Within three days enraptured visitors watch artists painting interior articles and converting them into artworks.

As its popularity and success rate has grown over the last years Furniture Club has developed to incorporate more than just an exhibition. These special events serve to attract leading visitors and exhibitors and allows all participants the chance to broaden their knowledge and of course their sales potential.

A professional seminar Sales Secrets at the Furniture Market initiated and organized by the International Furniture Human Resources Centre was held for the first time October 10, 2012 within the frames of the trade fair. Manufacturers’ and furniture dealers, top managers and sales managers attended the seminar. Lecturers told about basic principles of the organization of effective furniture business in retail and wholesale.

More than 100 owners and top managers of manufacturing companies, dealers and retailers of furniture from various cities of Russia visited the event: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Irkutsk and Tyumen. The largest players of furniture market participated in the trade fair: Forema, Angstrem, Amethyst, Stanley, Korvet, Sakura, LEX-style, Mebel’ny Dvorik, Luchshaya Mebel, Interiernaya Lavka and many others.

Experts expressed high level of interest in the topic and showed considerable creative energy that proved to be true by a large quantity of interesting questions and new discussions of the issues.

In 2012 Furniture Club ran alongside with the largest European furniture fair I Saloni Worldwide Moscow! Moreover the specialists appreciated the opportunity to visit two profile events the same day.

The 8th International specialized exhibition Furniture Club, with its exhaustive range of top quality goods, has become the established base for the development of new directions of the project where formal innovations and technological come together. In view of the quantity of applications submitted by potential participants we can state with confidence that the next year edition will not only attract more exhibitors but will also become the birthplace of original and perspective ideas!

Press Service Crocus Expo IEC


Fresh News from The DealerClub

Since 2003 BRAVO GmbH is working as General Importer of famous German furniture brands, such as Nolte Germersheim, Nolte Delbrueck, Welle, Wiemann, Thielemeyer, etc.

Since 2009 sales are going under the registered internationally trade mark: "GermanWorld - Territory of Quality" (

Since 2004 BRAVO GmbH is active member of German-Russian Foreign Trade of Commerce (AHK) and participates in different committees, governmental structures, such as Customs Committee and others.

Company has well structured dealers network in more than forty Russian cities and offers the biggest for today choice of German furniture for home: more than one hundred bedrooms, living rooms, etc. Direct contracts with manufacturers and direct deliveries by own trucks from Germany to Russia gives BRAVO GmbH unparalleled flexibility and competition advantages.

This May, 2012, BRAVO tested the new high-technologically styled support for own dealers sales. It was ten dealers in the beginning of a program, and additional seven joined during first month. The results of a program, based on several technologic and organizing know-hows, showed a good possibility to keep the sales level on a desired level even during traditional summer "sales gaps".

When statistic and dealers responds appeared clear advantages of results, BRAVO took a decision to give "a green light" to the program in full own market activity.

Well known and Russian biggest exhibition center CROCUS EXPO became a Partner of BRAVO GmbH in this program. Corresponding five-years Partnership Agreement was signed in Moscow this August 8th, 2012.

First results can be seen in October on furniture exhibitions "Mebelny Club" and "iSaloni", which will take place in CROCUS EXPO at the same time during October 10th-13th. Created for this program The International Dealers Club (The DealerClub) can offer the new sales and promotion mechanisms for regional retail shops, and not in furniture business only. BRAVO counts on Russian and foreign manufacturers, retail and wholesales structures an independent market players. The main "sweet prize" are CUSTOMERS.

On that way all existing and active working dealers of BRAVO took unexpected present - one-year automatic membership in The DealerClub, same as all participants of International Furniture Exhibition "Mebelny Club 2012". Both Partners have decided to include this "compliment" for own good clients and reliable partners.

Other companies have also a possibility to join The DealerClub by paying very reasonable membership fees; become BRAVO dealer or CROCUS EXPO exhibition participant. Club members will get based free sales support and possibility to order full force support with the special "club prices".

The advertising slogan from the The DealerClub is looking same unusual as its new service: "Urgent Deliveries of Customers to any region!".


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